The Best Wine is from New Zealand ?

new zealand wine

Scrutinising arrangement, viscosity and also surface on the palate is not sufficient for the established wine aficionado. Currently they could think about a vintage’s environmental qualifications– for one brand name a minimum of. A New Zealand wine has actually become the first in the world to present the carbon impact of each specific glass serving on its label– laying bare to the buyer or enthusiast the complete ecological effect of […]

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Carbon Reduction Label


The Carbon Reduction Label is an easily recognisable on-pack label that you can use to check whether the products you are buying are committed to reducing their carbon emissions. When calculated by a consultant, every stage in the product’s lifecycle must be taken into account including the raw materials and packaging needed to produce it, through to manufacture, transportation, sale to the end user, use and disposal. Once the carbon footprint […]

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Carbon Trust Footprinting Certification Company


The certifier for the Carbon Reduction Label is the Carbon Trust Footprinting Certification Company which is an independent company committed to providing impartial certification services. The product carbon footprints of Mobius were certified for conformity with PAS 2050, the Code of Good Practice and the certification requirements within the Carbon Trust’s Footprint Expert™ using Aura’s barefoot™ models. More about the Carbon Trust Footprinting Certification Company: The Carbon Trust Footprinting Certification […]

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The New Zealand Wine Company (NZWC)


The New Zealand Wine Company (NZWC), is the producer of the Mobius Wine range.  The NZWC was established in Marlborough in 1988 and over the years it’s commitment to environmental innovation has seen it regarded as a pioneer of sustainable management in the New Zealand wine industry.  The NZWC also produces the world renowned brands Grove Mill, Sanctuary and  Where the NZWC has gone, many have followed. It was the first company […]

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Carbon Reduction Label Standards


The Carbon Reduction Label uses PAS 2050:2008 as it’s core standard for measurement.  The PAS 2050 is world leading in its approach to providing consistent methodologies for life cycle carbon measurement.  It was developed by The Carbon Trust, DEFRA and British Standards in response to market calls for guidance in the field of product carbon footprinting. The measurement tools and model design employed by Aura Sustainability in the measurement of […]

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