Carbon Reduction Label Standards

The Carbon Reduction Label uses PAS 2050:2008 as it’s core standard for measurement.  The PAS 2050 is world leading in its approach to providing consistent methodologies for life cycle carbon measurement.  It was developed by The Carbon Trust, DEFRA and British Standards in response to market calls for guidance in the field of product carbon footprinting.

The measurement tools and model design employed by Aura Sustainability in the measurement of Mobius Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc are 100% compliant with PAS 2050.


The Code of Good Practice provides organisations using PAS 2050 to assess the carbon footprint of their products with further guidance for assessing reductions in the GHG emissions of products over time, and guidance on communicating product carbon footprint assessment and reductions for products.

The Code provides a robust structure for reporting the life cycle GHG emissions of products, or a reduction in these emissions, to internal or external stakeholders. Product GHG emissions and reduction information may be used by companies, consumers and other stakeholders to make business and purchasing decisions.

Carbon Reduction Label certification ensures that the measurement of the Mobius wines is compliant with the Code and the New Zealand Wine Company ensures that it’s claims are in accordance with the code.

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