The New Zealand Wine Company (NZWC)

tnzThe New Zealand Wine Company (NZWC), is the producer of the Mobius Wine range.  The NZWC was established in Marlborough in 1988 and over the years it’s commitment to environmental innovation has seen it regarded as a pioneer of sustainable management in the New Zealand wine industry.  The NZWC also produces the world renowned brands Grove Mill, Sanctuary and  Where the NZWC has gone, many have followed.

It was the first company to develop a wetland on the fault line that runs through its Waihopai property, it was the first wine company to gift land back to the local Maori iwi and in 2006 it was the first winery in the world to become carbon neutral through the offsetting of it’s carbon emissions.

Mobius Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc also represents another set of firsts for the NZWC.   It is the first wine in the world and the first product of any kind from New Zealand to achieve the carbon reduction label certification.  

The carbon reduction label certification focuses on the entire resource use and carbon emissions associated with the life cycle of the Mobius wines from cradle to grave.  To undertake this assessment NZWC chose to partner with the Carbon Trust, Planet Ark and Aura Sustainability to enable a certified assessment of the wines full life cycle carbon emissions.

With a full understanding of where the carbon hotspots are in a wines life cycle, NZWC are now committed to undertaking reduction of these emissions through the supply chain with likeminded suppliers, not just for Mobius, but for all the wines it produces for enjoyment all around the world.   

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